Is Your Deck Deteriorating From the Rain?

Is Your Deck Deteriorating From the Rain?

Arrange for our waterproofing services in Canoga Park, CA

Wooden decks can only last so long before succumbing to wear and tear. And being constantly rained on certainly doesn't help. If you want to preserve your deck, turn to GNCA Construction. We offer premier waterproofing services for residents in the Canoga Park, CA area. Our waterproof coating will not only ensure your deck lasts longer, but it will also help prevent water from seeping through the boards.

We can add a coating to an existing deck or a brand-new one. Book our waterproof deck coating services by calling (323) 872-3111 now.

4 signs you need to waterproof your deck

Not sure if you need our waterproofing services? We can let you know if you do. A few telltale signs you could benefit from waterproofing your deck include:

  1. Stains on the underside of your deck
  2. Soft spots or visible cracks
  3. Peeling or cracking paint
  4. Broken or loose planks

See the difference a waterproof coating can make. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our waterproof deck coating services.

Protect your new deck

Here at GNCA Construction, we make waterproofing your new deck easy. We can work alongside your contractors to apply a waterproof deck coating as your new deck is being built. This allows us to target those hard-to-reach places that might accumulate more moisture, like between deck boards and railings.

By adding a waterproof deck coating to your deck during construction, you can avoid costly wear and tear as your home ages. You'll also make your new deck more valuable from the start. Contact us in Canoga Park, CA today to learn more about our deck waterproofing services.